2019 Beaufort Walk for Water

Tidal Creek Titans

Imagine each day walking over 3 miles to gather water that is unfit to drink, but you have to as it is your only source of water.

The sad truth about the global water crisis is that 1.8 billion people are forced to drink dirty water every day. In most cases women and children are walking 3+ miles each day to collect dirty water. It takes most of the day, every day!

Water Mission has been delivering safe water solutions and sanitation systems for over 10 years in 55 countries. Their solar powered systems serve communities of 3,000+ and are sustainable by the communities they install them in. This is literally life changing for the people in these communities forever.

The goal of the Beaufort Walk is to raise awareness about the crisis and $50,000. That would be enough funding to support two water systems. Those systems can provide safe, clean drinking water for 6,000+ people for the rest their lives.

Please consider joining our team as we Walk so others won't have to! If you can't make the walk, please consider supportings us with a donation. Either way, you are taking a step to change the world for those in desperate need.

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Beaufort Walk Sponsors

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