2020 DIY Walk for Water

Clean Water for All God's Children

Saturday, August 14th, 2021


Enumclaw Foothills Trail - gathering at The Summit, 920 Roosevelt Ave

Calvary Presbyterian Church is excited to invite you to join our Vacation Bible School's mission project. We have been learning about God's intent for humans to take part in the care of His creation - including caring for one another! Every day millions of people have to walk miles and miles just for water. Most of the time, the water they can find is contaminated and makes them sick. We are excited to partner with Water Mission to raise funds for their project because they are making an impact, one community at a time, through their sustainable safe water solutions.

Each dollar raised by this event is going to make an impact through a safe water community development project! Will you consider making a donation to support clean water for all God's children!

We invite anyone in the community to join us for this walk! 

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