2019 Piedmont Walk for Water
May 25th | 9:00 AM
Wren High Football Stadium & Complex, Piedmont

We are excited to Walk for Water! Every day, millions of people have to walk miles and miles just for water. Most of the time, the water they can find is contaminated and makes them sick. We are excited because Water Mission is changing lives, one community at a time, through their sustainable safe water solutions. 

I, Jennifer Lawson and my husband Doug get to see this daily while serving in Kenya with Water Mission. Doug is the Regional Director for Kenya and Malawi. We are looking forward to sharing with those in upstate South Carolina about the village Kinungi and their need for not only clean water, but also the living water of Jesus. 

Don't you want to help someone else get clean water and hear the gospel? Today you can! Join our walk, give to this project. You will not regret your decision to learn more and bless others.

Thank you so much for your support, and I hope you will walk with us too!