2020 Silicon Valley Discipleship Virtual Walk for Water 

September 19, 2020  |  9:00 a.m.
In your local neighborhood

 2019 WFW Line

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2019 WFW Line 

This year, Silicon Valley Discipleship Walk for Water will have a different look and feel, however, will still unite to bring safe water to hundreds of men, women, and children. Funds from this year's Walk for Water will help to provide access to safe water to people living in remote areas of Peru. We are excited to commit our resources to this area for the next three years! Watch the video below to learn of the impact the Silicon Valley Walk for Water is making across the world.

Join the Silicon Valley Discipleship Walk for Water today as we walk so others don't have to. 

2019 WFW Line  

Why do we walk? 

Everyday, millions of women and children in developing countries walk nearly 4 miles to retrieve water for their family's daily needs. In most cases, even after walking for miles and miles, the water they have to drink is contaminated. 

Our walk will simulate this trek to raise awareness here in our community of the global water crisis. This year, rather than meeting at St. Timothy's to start and finish our walk, we encourage you to walk in your neighborhood, community or local park.  As in the past, it is our hope that each participant ends the Walk with a better understanding of the challenges people around the world face daily in search of something that we often take for granted - water.