2020 CSRA Walk for Water 

October 3, 2020 • 9:00 a.m.
Wherever you want to walk!

Read our Virtual Walk for Water Instructions here!

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This year's Walk for Water is now a virtual event that will impact people around the world by providing solutions that save lives.  A virtual walk is a walk that takes place in multiple locations, yet participants are united by one purpose. We encourage you to grab a water-carrying container, plan a 3.5-mile route in your local community and walk in solidarity with those who must make this walk everyday to retrieve water for their family.  

You can help generate awareness for the global water crisis by taking a photo in your walk shirt and posting it on social media. The CSRA is uniting to bring safe water to hundreds of men, women, and children across the world. Local schools, churches, businesses, and individuals are putting their feet into action by raising awareness, raising money, and walking for water. 

The 2020 CSRA Walk for Water will bring together teams of participants from both sides of the Savannah River and from all walks of life, as we boldly battle the global water crisis which affects 2.2 billion people around the world. Together, we can make a difference by bringing safe water to people in need. Register or donate today!

  2019 WFW Line  

Why do we walk? 

Everyday, millions of women and children in developing countries walk an average of 3.5 miles to retrieve water for their family's daily needs. In most cases, even after walking for miles and miles, the water they have to drink is contaminated.

Our walk will simulate this trek to raise awareness of the global water crisis here in our community. Each participant should start the walk with an empty bucket. About half-way through, we encourage you to fill that bucket with water and complete the remainder of the course. We hope that all participants end the walk with a better understanding of the challenges people around the world face daily in search of something that we often take for granted - water.