2021 Virtual Walk for Water 
Hosted by Hach 

June 26 - July 2, 2021 
From wherever you are!

2021 Dotted Line

The Virtual Walk for Water is an opportunity for you to participate in a global event that seeks to help fulfill our company mission of “Ensuring water quality for people around the world." This annual event unites the goodwill of our associates, friends, neighbors, and families to raise awareness and donations for our non-profit engineering partner, Water Mission.

The 3-mile (5 km) walk reflects the average distance that millions of people, primarily women and children, must cover to collect water. This water is typically not safe, but the only option. Our goals this year are to welcome over 1,000 registered participants and exceed the donations we achieved last year. As our second Global Walk for Water event, we know we can do this!

We walk to raise awareness. We walk, so others don’t have to.

So how does it work?

1. Sign-up individually or as a team using the buttons at the top of the page.

2. Invite others to sign-up with you! 

3. Generously commit to a donation.

4. On Saturday June 26, 2021 throw on some BLUE clothes in solidarity and head out on a 3-mile (5 km) walk. For bonus points, carry something that weighs between 8 and 40 lbs (the weight of 1-5 gallons of water).

5. Take some pictures and post them to social media using #hachwalk4water and #hach

For questions about registration, please contact Water Mission at walk@watermission.org. 

For questions about the Walk, please contact Walk for Water Team at Hach by email at outreach@hach.com

Watch this year's promo video below!

2021 Dotted Line