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At Hach, our Mission is an important one – ensuring water quality for people around the world. To set ourselves up for success we hire the best team, have a bias toward innovation and partner with those who are making an impact. One of those partners is Water Mission – an engineering-focused, non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing safe water and sanitation solutions across the globe.

Water Mission’s founders, George and Molly Greene, were Hach customers before they even founded Water Mission. Their time operating an environmental engineering business in South Carolina gave them the opportunity to make meaningful connections with Hach field associates, and with the founding of Water Mission in 1998, that partnership has only strengthened.

Over the years, Hach has become a Strategic Partner for Water Mission and has provided water quality equipment, support and expertise as they work with communities in need, refugees and victims of natural disasters.

Beginning in 2014, Hach also hosts an annual Walk for Water in Northern Colorado. With the help of associates, the community and local businesses, the Walk raises funds and awareness to bring safe water to those in need.

Water Mission has truly been a partner to Hach as we seek to live our mission every day. Relationships like these are what bring us one step closer to ensuring water quality for people around the world.

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